Norstar SC Service Truck Bed

Norstar SC Service Truck Bed
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  • Item #: Norstar SC
  • Manufacturer: Norstar

The Norstar SC Service bed is a great addition to your truck if your job is constantly on the move. Our full blown Service Bed offers multiple standard tool boxes and many options for the go needs. This bed comes with 4 oversized vertical cabinets with shelving, 2 horizontal cabinets with shelving, plus a bonus locking rear shovel compartment for tons of storage. Multiple option choices allow you to build this bed to perfectly suit your industry. All doors are gas shock equipped and locking T-latches are standard. Our receiver allows you to add a hitch for bumper pull cargo. Available cabinet drawers can add the finishing touch if you have a lot of parts or tools for your work load. Multiple lighting choices and cast housings are also available. These beds are a perfect complement for any single or dual wheel work truck with smooth 11 gauge sides and white or gloss black powder coating.

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Price $5,750.00